Database for Expertise and Projects

The Austrian Platform for Development and Humanitarian Aid (Globale Verantwortung, Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Entwicklung und Humanitäre Hilfe) provides on their Website a database indicating the expertise and projects of their affiliates to find the proper partner(s) throughout the world. www.globaleverantwortung.at/projekte

Interfaith Harmony Week conference 2016

Peter Haider of UPF-Austria, www.weltfriede.at provides the link below about the Interfaith Harmony Week conference in the UN in Vienna. Attached also the extraordinary lecture on „Youth in Iraq“. WIHW2016Vienna-Report-mb YouthinIraqFatimahAlmukhtar Here is the link to the recording of the 2nd session: …

Stop Ecocide

“The rules of our world are laws, and they can be changed. Laws can restrict or they can enable.  What matters is what they serve. Many of the laws in our world serve property â€“  they are based on ownership. But imagine a law that has a higher moral authority a law that puts people  and planet first. Imagine a law that starts from first do no harm, that stops this dangerous game and  takes us to a place of safety….” Polly Higgins, 2015   “ecocide” means unlawful or wanton acts committed with knowledge that there is a substantial  likelihood of severe and either widespread or long-term damage to the environment being caused by those acts.  Legal definition of ecocide drafted by Independent Expert Panel â€” Stop Ecocide International  Dear [elected representative ]  Support making ECOCIDE an international crime   Mass damage and destruction of ecosystems (ECOCIDE), committed over decades and permitted by law, has led to global climate and ecological crisis. …