You have three alternative options to blog your article:

For 1st and 2nd alternative you have to be invited from the board and what user role you would like to play. Most of the members will be in the Contributor user role, see more by clicking. After you processed to get access in your user role, for example as contributor you can start with posting (blogging).

  • After your have your own account by WordPress, you could use MS Word for blogging. After clicking the Block-Entry (in German “Blogbeitrag”) in MS Word you need to configure the connection between MS Word and WordPress. To create a blog, you begin with a title, category, tags, pictures (maybe not allowed with WordPress), diagrams, etc. to Smartart diagrams, etc. Before you post to the website check the spelling first. Any post will be saved as pending rather than published.
  • Another way to publish your post on your blog by email. It allows you to publish quickly and easily from devices such as cell phone. Before you publish by e-mail, you must generate a special unique email address which is secrete and per-user-account and not per-blog. If you have a multiuser blog, each of your blog’s users can create their own Post by Email address, regardless of their user role. For users any comment or blog emailed will be saved as pending, rather than published. The blogger will receive confirmation of their post with the post content in the email, but will not receive a second email when their post is approved. I trust it works, so I have to test it too. Here what you have to do (you need to register first, so ask the Board to send you the invitation).
    1. First go to Dashboard -> My Blogs.
    2. Make sure Post by Email is enabled in your Screen Options.
    3. Locate the blog that you wish to post to and click Enable.
    4. You now have a special email address you can use for sending post by email. If you want to add the address to your address book, you can download it as a vCard
  • Use the contact-form “Contact Board” to e-mail your article in the case you are not registered in WordPress. When the Board has approved your article it will be published.