Diabetes II: a silent killer!

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14. November 2015, World Diabetes Day (WHO)

Sugary drinks cause, – a new study of the TUFTS University -, more than 184 000 deaths per year all over the world, 


Top of the iceberg is Mexico with 405 deaths per million adults a year, while in the USA with 125 and in Germany with 49 deaths. About three-fourths of the deaths were in developing countries, because sugary drinks, – like Coca Cola -, are easier to get than fresh, good tasting drinking water or fresh milk, and a lot of advertising. The beverages in the study included sugar-sweetened sodas, fruit drinks, energy drinks, sweetened iced teas and homemade sugary drinks.

The American Beverage Association (ABA) argument is that there is no correlation between sugary beverages, diabetes, and other health problems: But Dariush Mozaffarian, an author of the study and dean of Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, says that’s not correct. The ABA said in their statement that “America’s beverage companies are doing their part to offer consumers the fact-based information and the beverage options they need to make the right choices for themselves and their families.” Governments in many countries are now taking appropriate measures, such as banning the sale of sweet drinks in the kindergarten and schools, tax on sugary drinks, to curb advertising, to decrease the consummation successful.

More facts about diabetes: http://www.facediabetes.at/zahlen-und-fakten.html

The Industry will continue their Global Economic Ethic when they offer such foods and drinks that will not cause any lasting illnesses, even after long-term consummation. By sugary drinks, the best result could be realized by replacing the industrial sugar and corn-syrup by sweeteners with anti-diabetic effects. In truth, such product is already existing, but  “…what will prevail in real life, is not the truth, but …the financial self-interest… and the power of multinational corporation ” (John Kenneth Galbraith, Die Ökonomie des unschuldigen Betrugs, Vom Realitätsverlust der heutigen Wirtschaft, page 18).

Although a proponent of capitalism, I am angry when large or multinational companies prevent,- because of their greediness -, innovations, patents or products offered by smaller businesses or startups which could solve many urgent societal problems.

As CSR expert, I prefer to apply it voluntarily, but often I ask myself whether more stringent regulations by the government are necessary. Philosophical, angry citizen (Wutbürger) should actively enforce their fight against the elites (i.e. large corporations and politics), but that’s another story.

The truth must prevail! If you want to support the development and application of sweeteners which prevent and combat diabetes 2, then use the contact form below.

Roland Leithenmayr, VfV