ISIS Militants selling women and girls

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The United Nations Special Representative on Sexual Violence Mrs. Zainab Hawa Bangura reports about the inhumanity of ISIS militants selling women and girls as sex slaves to sheiks and fighters. Bangura told the that one girl who refused an extreme sex act was burned alive. Suicidal girls are stripped of their headscarves so they can’t hang themselves. Source: The world at a glance, The Week, June 5, 1015, Issue 722.

Sheik means for Austrians a man of vast power and nobility! So we suspect that the Sheiks bought the women and girls on the slave market to free them from fighters. The UN NGO Committee on Sustainable Development in Vienna/Austria would like to cooperate with those “Sheiks” to redeem the women and girls from inhumanity.

Austrians respect all religions and strive to understand their values and to build bridges. “On the ethical level, there are constants that make such bridge-building possible: … Thus, in all religious, philosophical, and ideological traditions there are simple ethical imperatives that remain of the utmost importance to the present day: You shall not kill – or torture, rape. Or in positive terms: have respect for life. Its a commitment to a culture of non-violence and respect for life. You shall not commit sexual immorality – or humiliate, abuse or devalue your partner. Or in positive terms: Respect and love on another. Its a commitment to a culture of equal rights and partnership between men and women. Kofi Annan said in his Global Ethic Lecture in Tübingen in 2003: “But if it is wrong to condemn a particular faith or set of value because of the actions or statements of some of its adherents, it must also be wrong to abandon the idea that certain values are universal just because some human beings do not appear to accept them” (Hans Küng).

For me (the Author) applying the Golden Rule is useful for making any decision: What you do not wish done to yourself, do not do to others (human, animal, environment, etc.).  

Roland Leithenmayr VfV

Hans Küng, The Three Abrahamic Religions”, page 15, Bridging the Divide, Religious Dialogue and Universal Ethics, Papers for The InterAction Council, Foreword by Helmut Schmidt.