A healthy Planet

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A healthy Planet for future Generations, Human Rights and Sustainable Development

This document reflects the opinions of the members of the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development in Vienna on the most pressing challenges the world is facing. The nexus between urgent issues to be solved and suggestions for strategies to secure progress towards achieving the objectives are briefly touched upon. Those objectives need to be defined in terms of concrete targets in the new sustainable development goals (SDGs). For the most important strategic fields, targets should be set that take into account their potential for realisation, and the social multiplier effects should be identified. Over the long term education is considered to be key to achieving a better world. All the other important strategies hinge critically on the ability and willingness of the international community to introduce the necessary reforms; this implies designing and implementing intelligent measures. Every effort will have to be made to overcome numerous obstacles and address many challenges. The strategies to be followed are interlinked and their mutual influences have to be taken into account before designing concrete measures in order to avoid possible counter-productive effects. Among the most important strategies are institutional and legal reforms, technical and social innovation, the introduction of effective incentive systems and the protection and enhancement of our common resource base so as to secure fair access for all. Basic tenet: The primary objective is the attainment of human rights and a better life for all, with sustainable development as the strategic means for achieving that goal. 


NGO CSD paper final version 02 07 14 p m

The goal is to elaborate further, considering the document 01, applying and developing adequate  Decision-Making-, Communication-Distribution-, and Resource Systems and to indicate

  1. most pressing deficiencies in the sustainable development elements
  2. obstacles to progress in the present world economic system.
  3. strategy elements and their interrelationship.
  4. impacts particular in education for sustainability.
  5. formulating targets and projects and its implementation.
  6. financing of sustainable development

Obstacles to progress in the present world economic system:

  1. Massive flows of financial resources that do not contribute to the real economy
  2. Corruption
  3. Illicit flows of finance, money laundering and tax evasion
  4. Labour-saving instead of resource-saving technical progress
  5. High public debt in many countries
  6. Lack of socially responsible/cooperative entrepreneurship


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