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“Beyond Deadlock and Conflict” Minu Hemmati, Earthscan (2002)

Africa Guide
Broad factual base, insightful experts Advice: “Africa’s Business Revolution” is an indispensable guide for any entrepreneur who wants to conquer the African market. Three McKinsey Africa specialists present in this handbook their latest research on long-term trends, advice on specific business opportunities, and contributions from reputable insiders. According to Africa’s wealthiest man, Aliko Dangote, a “powerful and meaningful guide” that provides the know-how to work in to be successful in Africa.
Africa’s Business Revolution, Africa’s Business Revolution, Havard Business Review Press 2018, 256 pages, EUR 31.99

Success stories
If you want to get an insight into the business opportunities of our neighboring continent based on exciting success stories, you will find it in “How we made it in Africa”. Author Jaco Maritz presents 25 African entrepreneurs, including Ken Njoroge, who developed a digital payment services provider, and Jean de Dieu Kagabo, who set up an industrial group in Rwanda. The entrepreneurs report authentically on their path to success and do not shy away from calling mistakes and hurdles.
“How we made it in Africa”
Learn from the stories of 25 entrepreneurs, Maritz Africa 2018, 258 pages, EUR 17,37