Can Mother challenge extremism

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Edit SchafflerThe world community is stunned how geographical areas dissolve caused by the territorial gains of the IS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant). In spite of military threats, drones and military professionals the situation is not stabilizing. Edit Schlaffer, – Women without Borders -, recalls that who are directly on the front are the mothers whose children left for Syria. Schlaffer points out that women have the most impact on their families and communities. This growing group of women, – labeled as “Jihadi mothers”-, break through their invisibility by supporting and strengthening other women in the same situation. The goal is to discourage children to fraternize with Jidahists and to make the terrible decision to go to Syria. Edit Schaffler is providing their experience, knowledge and platform “Women without Borders” – – to achieve this goal. For her work Edit Schlaffer was awarded the Soroptimist International of Europe Peace Prize 2015 at the Soroptimist International Convention in Istanbul.

Roland Leithenmayr

Energy for the poor: A king’s legacy

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[Universal energy access) is set to be a standalone goal in the new post-2015 agenda – the Sustainable Development Goals. King Abdulla has been instrumental in this achievement. He passed away January 2014 and more than a nation grieved for the man whose legacy of “energy for the poor” continues to light the lives of million around the globe. (Source: OFID Quarterly, April 2o15)  

The SDG 7 goal of universal energy access receives international recognition and has risen to the top of the development agenda led by the  UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative. It includes governments, finance institutions and the private sector and civil society.

Sharia versus Rules of Law

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The most significant event today is the aggressive movement of the Islamist to restore their holy law. The Islamist view the introduction of the Sharia as the only mean to solve social, moral, political and economic problems. Because of their mordant behavior, the global international order is shaken. To blame are politicians and other groups supporting or tolerating Islamist activities for reasons of their own particular in the past. Unfortunately, those people don’t understand Islamic-Law or know much of its content or what it is supposed to achieve. Islamic law means different things to different people with different interpretations. One of the pressing questions is to what extent, – in theory and practice -, confirms the Islamic law to the “Rules of Law” applied in democratic countries. The application of the Islamic Law varies enormously. Constitutional scholars view the Islamic Law as the political function. Every Islamic group puts its priority on particular aspects ignoring much else. Religious Islamic scholars are recognized as guards, interpreters and transmitters of Islamic Law; therefore, they dominate how the Islamic Law should be applied in private, business, social and political matters. Contrary to most democratic countries the rulers of Islamic countries are accountable to Islamic Law. Liberal educated citizen consider the influence of conservative and radical Islamism in Europe with significant concerns while their opponents see the Sharia as a cultural asset. They could well imagine that in addition to our justice, – complying to our mentally and culture -, the Sharia shall be launched  establishing a form of parallel society. Liberal citizens trust that Muslim thinkers in Europe will force a European-style Islam. Most experts are against the ideology of multiculturalism, but also warn of intolerance.The Sharia has a substantial impact on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) not only in Muslim countries. ; It is an important issue which needs to be addressed and shall be further elaborated in religious dialogue and Global Ethics, Government Accountability, equal access to justice and the political process, and efficiency of the legal, political and economic systems, clear and stable laws, protection of human rights, property rights and trust.  

Roland Leithenmayr VfV

Gebhard Fidler and Richard Löffler of VfV are involved among others to draw an Austrian Standard ONR 142001 for Islamic Finance.