Human Rights of Older Persons: Active Aging

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October 1, 2018 -, the symposium “Celebrating Human Rights of Older Persons” took take place in Vienna. To get a proper job is for older persons the most important matter. Many programs and projects about “Active Ageing” were carried out in Austria over the last decade and their proposals implement more or less successful, but the practice looks sobering maybe caused by the Financial Crises starting 2008. Today the situation is better for elderly people. One of these projects is presented in the publication “Active Ageing, Regionale Handlungsoptionen in Österreich,” based on the accumulated experience of the EQUAL Development Partnership “TEP_EQUAL_ELDERLY” (7/2005 -6/2007).  Unfortunately, the website is deleted. It is an exciting task to compare the visions, challenges, general suggestions and examples presented in December 2007 with today. Please leave a reply below: 

Roland Leithenmayr VfV


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