Science Diplomacy to solve the Sustainable Development Goals

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Research institutes like IIASA (*) produce essential knowledge for governments, diplomacy, multinational organization (such as UNO), and NGOs. It is surprising that they do not have implemented an integrated system “…for bringing science to advise into its decision…” (1). Because policy decisions are made mostly in individual countries, not by the international organization, it needs integration between international agencies and “domestic science advisory system.” Additional this advisory system shall include national and international NGO’s, who should put pressure on both sides to use the available know-how and experiences, including theirs. Global interest is on stake such as climate change, ocean pollution, water use, etc. in general to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It needs to connect scientific knowledge, national and international community incl. NGO’s, businesses and UN Agencies and domestic policy.

(1) OPTIONS, Summer 2018, page 10,

For further info: In November 2017, Sir Peter Gluckman delivered an IIASA45th Anniversary Lecture on this topic. The full text is available online:

(*) IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) uses systems analysis to research the critical issues of environmental, economic, and technological change we face today. IIASA,  is located in Laxenburg near Vienna, Austria

Roland Leithenmayr VfV

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