Political, economic and social chaos – are the 17 SDGs a solution?

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In the European Union (EU) everybody is against everyone; The refugee theme splits the politicians. No one knows what Donald Trump wants but to keep his election promises which are unverifiable and unsustainable. Putin is unpredictable but seductive. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wants more power, inspires the political Islam and locks up his opponents. China’s Premier Xi Jinping praises the free trade of the EU but still harms European industry by dumping prices, but promises now to change to fair global trade, Pyongyang provokes with new rocket tests. Large companies avoid taxes by legal financial transfers. The backward-looking nationalism in Europe spreads. Brazil is sinking into corruption. Venezuela shows the real face of misguided socialism. African leaders are not capable of good governance. The reversed picture of the Arab Spring. Hundred million people are on the run because of war, poverty or political reasons; The population in many cities explodes because of migration (rural to urban). Unfair free trade agreements and agricultural -subvention. Moral upheavals are worldwide. Growing discrimination of women and girls through religion. Politicians are corrupt, and management of corporations behave immorally. Citizen feels insecure and not treated equally by the political and economic elite and establishment.

What is the solution: Strengthening of the United Nations and the European Union.  The engaged stakeholder shall apply the 17 SDGs Sustainable Development Goals, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Triple Bottom Line approach (Profit, Planet, People) respectively the Agenda 30 (Prosperity, Planet, People. Peace and Partnership), Global Economic Ethic (Manifesto Global Economic Ethics, Hans Küng). Politicians shall provide appropriate framework conditions to push implementation of sustainable development targets (SDGs) and world’s climate programs, and share responsibility with partners (including the EU Member States).

“We are eagerly awaiting our government’s plans for reform and a new international role of the European Union, and the Austrian implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals” (*) – and the CSR National Action Plan, – comment from the author.

(*) Margit Scherb, Ein Gegenmodell entwickeln, Südwind magazin 3/17

Roland Leithenmayr, VFV