Watson: Supercomputer application for the 17 SDGs (sustainable development goals)

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The Watson Supercomputer from IBM supports organizations, institutions as well as private individuals to gain essential data that is important for the execution of their projects. Ninety percent of the enormous amounts of data are scattered in servers, unstructured and unused worldwide: a data chaos. Customers of IBM must configure the software themselves to obtain their required data; however, there must be enough data to allow the supercomputer to learn from these data itself and become “smart” (artificial intelligence). For sustainable cities, IBM separates the data into clusters: environment, energy, education, healthcare, public transport, people safety and security, social problems, etc.  One could use this supercomputer for the achievement of the 17 SDGs, or for the SDG 11,  etc.


Get started with Watson ->  https://www.ibm.com/watson/products.html



Roland Leithenmayr, VFV

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