Foreign AID is in Trouble: Making progress to get results.

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After the scandal surrounding uncontrolled payout of fifteen (15) billion Euro of EU development aid, the EU Court criticized that subsidies of 12.7 billion Euro paid to Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to improve the water quality of the Danube were not adequate used but trickled pointlessly. With this money, 150.000 flats for families or 1.2 million prefabricated wood houses could be financed providing decent housing for 1-3 million refugees.

Africa is not a “lost continent” but will develop into a winner-continent.  NGO Co-worker and experts warn that 50% of the development funds paid to Africa disappear without a trace: most governments in Africa insist that financing coming from abroad must flow through their hands. Not surprisingly, that potentate of several countries in Africa have become billionaires in a short time and wanted to stay in power forever. Their family and their clan members are getting richer, and the poor get more miserable and frustrated.  It is the corruption which causes that many citizens of those countries want to flee to Europe or recruit to the Islamists for terrorist activities. Many of those rulers in Africa obtained their wealth through illegal means and their assets shoulder be recovered and returned to their country of origin.


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