Migration in Europe

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The WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna/Austria) panel discussed about the

“Migration in Europe”.

Here the complete video recording of the panel discussion (German): http://www.wu.ac.at/wutv/show/clip/20160127-migration-k/

A short video contains interesting statements of experts charged (German): http://www.wu.ac.at/wutv/show/clip/20160127-migration/

Detailed interviews (which were also placed at the panel discussion) for future reference page (German)http://power2help.at/resources

The WU starts in a few weeks with the initiative POWER 2 HELP a series of evening workshops provide the skills and resources for the initial reception and integration of asylum seekers.

Thus, the WU wants to support workers / inside so that they can continue to be involved. Target groups are the many volunteers in the initial reception and integration of asylum seekers, volunteer

Employees / inside of relief organizations and those people who want to get involved but do not know how. The workshop program can be found here: http://power2help.at/workshops

When asking questions concerning this initiative, please contact info@power2help.at

Andre Martinuzzi, Fred Luks,Vera Ulmer,Sabine Eichinger

a.Prof. Dr. André Martinuzzi, Head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability, Associate Professor at WU Vienna, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Building D1, 2nd Floor, World Trade Square 1A-1020 Vienna, Phone: + 43-664-405 12 97, fax: + 43-1-31336-90-4698, skype: amartinu,

email: andre.martinuzzi@wu.ac.at, http://www.sustainability.eu

GLOBAL VALUE – Managing Business Impacts on Development http://www.global-value.eu

ESDN – European Sustainable Development Network http://www.sd-network.eu

The Author of this posting Roland Leithenmayr, VfV, Postings on Migration will follow!

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