Migration as Sustainable Development Goal?

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One of the sub-goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) is the “Sustainable Industrial Development”. The UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Vienna/Austria) is in the fortunate position to command this goal. The migration crisis offers UNIDO exceptional opportunities to highlight its importance. The SDGs don’t address directly the issue of immigration,  but positively viewing it would boost the Sustainable Industrial Development in developing countries with positive impacts in the developed countries: a win-win situation! To achieve those SDGs it requires the cooperation and collaboration of companies (including SME) and international and local NGOs. The UNIDO and the UNO provide a platform with their website https://open.unido.org/index.html#/projects, respectively  https://www.devbusiness.com, notifying about programs, projects, and tenders.

Nevertheless, it appears that Austrian companies and other organization are irritated about short communication with UNIDO. Austria is proud to have the UNIDO here in Vienna/Austria and wants to convince the lost member-states to become members again by receiving for their membership dues an adequate performance. Programs and projects for Sustainable Industrial Development should include measures for the solution of the migration crisis. The UN NGO Committee on Sustainable Development in Vienna/Austria with international and national members of NGOs and links to industry-, trade- and other organizations are ready to collaborate with UNIDO on this issue.

UNIDOs collaboration with Austrian companies ->



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