Millenium Development Goals versus Sustainable Development Goals

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“Fifteen years ago a milestone was set for the future of international development: the Millennium Development Goals signed by all heads of state in the UN aimed to cut hunger and poverty in half by 2015. Did they achieve their objectives? What does the new program Sustainable Development Goals promise? Can we trust these announced ambitions? Can we trust that the United Nations is strong enough to convince the nation states to implement these goals? Can we trust that the signatory nation states will take these objectives seriously?”(quoted from event program).  

Discussion with 

Petra Dannecker, Institut für Internationale Entwicklung, Uni Wien (Department of Development Studies, University of Vienna)

Tally Einav, UNIDO – Organisation der Vereinten Nationen für Industrielle Entwicklung (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)

Sandra Monterroso, Künstlerin, Guatemala/Wien (artist, Guatemala/Vienna)

Daniel Bacher, Dreikönigsaktion der Katholischen Jungschar (DKA of the Catholic Youth Movement)

Moderation: Ursula Baatz, Philosophy, Journalist / philosopher/journalist

7.Oktober 2015 at the Depot Breite Gasse 3, Wien,

MDGsSDGs, Statistics in German about Millenium Goals.

Summary Millenium Goals and Sustainable Development Goals

Summary by the author who attended the meeting: