“Limits to Growth” – The Legacy of Aurelio Peccei

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The Club of Rome -1968 – proposed in its report “Limits to Growth”; – published in 1972 -, a new mindset now dominated by the concept of “sustainability” or “sustainable development”. An important role in the launching of the Club of Rome played Aurelio Peccei, who died 1984. Peccei was a resistance fighter in Italy and participated in the reconstruction of the private and public sector (Fiat, Alitalia, etc.). He always had an open eye for social and political development in particular in the Mediterranean area. He founded Italconsult and managed Olivetti. Peccei was one of the founder and architects of the International Institute for Applied System Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg / Austria in 1972. Later Peccei was a member of the International Board of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Through his experience as an entrepreneur and his knowledge of global economy; his understanding of the connections between the disparate phenomena; and finally his unlimited commitment and sense of responsibility for mankind and its human capital, – regardless of where someone lives or whatever responsibilities he had in his life -, played a fundamental role in the preparation of his book “The Chasm Ahead” (1969). This book started the debate about limits which now has lasted 43 years since the publication of “Limits to Growth” See more “The Legacy of Aurelio Peccei” ->CSD036




Roland Leithenmayr, VfV

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