Creative Destruction and Decoupling

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Most individuals want to decide freely and focus on their own well-being even when Empathy (Golden Rule, Confucius, etc.) affects their actions. Well-being means for entrepreneurs to generate profits by continual searching to produce and market better and newer (cheaper) products and services. The US-Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter (8 February 1883 – 8 January 1950) calls this process “creative destruction”. This process should ensure continuous growth of the economy. Schumpeter’s opinion that it will ultimately lead to the demise of capitalism has not hitherto been verified. On the other hand the future of our planet needs environmentally to be secured too. To solve this dilemma, continually growth of economic requires to be decoupled from continually increasing material throughput. This is called “decoupling” and “dematerialization”. Many experts critisize that decoupling doesn’t work. Continuous innovation (green economy) creates jobs fighting against poverty worldwide. This is a contribution to the project (see Project) and document (see Document) of CSD “Human Rights and Sustainable Development” about Innovation (letter I) .

Roland Leithenmayr VfV


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